Okanagan Grocery was established in 2004.  Our bakery is devoted to making quality traditional artisan breads and other treats right here in the Okanagan Valley.

Through our stores in Kelowna we also offer a selection of locally made food products, local cheeses and locally roasted organic espresso coffees.

Okanagan Grocery is devoted to supporting and enhancing the development of the Okanagan Valley’s culinary culture. Our main shop, where you can find artisan breads and gourmet grocery items, is located in Kelowna’s Guisachan Village, next to the Codfather’s Seafood Market.

In summer of 2011, we opened our bake shop at 115-1979 Windsor Road. You can also visit us there for a selection of pastries and coffee … or to smell the aroma of the bread baking!

Artisan Bread Baking Workshops

Interested in learning the skills and recipes that make Okanagan Grocery one of Kelowna’s favourite spots for true artisan sourdough bread? 

Okanagan Grocery offers two artisan bread baking classes:

Introduction to Sourdough Bread Baking

Advanced Sourdough Techniques
Working with Whole Grains and the Baguette.